new coloring sheet in the making..

hello and a happy new year first of all!!  🙂

i hope you had a nice transition into 2017, maybe did some letting go of the old and welcoming in the new energy of this fresh upcoming year.. let’s make it another good one!! for sure there will be plenty of amazing days and since life comes in waves, there will probably also be some not so happy days.. let’s remember to use everything as lessons on the path of our own evolution and see the message each situation potentially holds for us to step even deeper into who we are and our truth.. anyway i wish you all the best, happiness, health, love, joy, peace and wisdom and whatever else may fulfill your heart..  🙂

that being said i would like to share a preview of my upcoming new coloring sheet that will be available for purchase on my gumroad page ~ click here to check out!

it’s probably a sheet for the more advanced and patient colorers out there since it is packed with detail and tiny areas to fill in.. if you just start out and like a challenge, go ahead and give this one a try..  😉 i will publish the link to purchase as soon as it’s finished and available..

in the meantime you can warm yourself up with one of my other coloring sheets that are up on gumroad for the very accessible contribution of 1 euro each..

enjoy creating and have a happy blissful time!

love & hugs,


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