making of: from war to peace or: how love changes everything

hello dears,

i’m happy to be able to share a new ‘making of’ with you – i finished a drawing that i’ve started end of march this year and it beautifully illustrates a very personal journey i’ve been undertaking all this time i was working on it..

from war to peace or: how love changes everythingas you can see, the drawing is made up of 2 mandalas which to me symbolize 2 souls.. i like to add twin flame references into my drawings so the mandalas are made of the exact same patterns and only differ in the way they are colored.. this stands for the 2 parts of the twin flame unit who are essentially one and the same soul and thus have the exact same energy frequency pattern and differ only in their individual manifestation during their present incarnation..

in the center of the drawing you can see what i call the ‘war zone’.. this stands for the fact that as long as we do not make peace with ourselves and with who we are and with all that we are, this inner conflict will always be manifested somewhere outside of us, separating us from others.. this is represented by the red/black sort of chains that always draw the two soul mandalas back into the war zone.. no matter how much we might want to be with someone, first we have to stop the war and conflicts inside ourselves and transcend and transform them, let go of limiting beliefs and ways of thinking that are not serving us any longer.. in order to be able to cultivate a lasting positive, loving, peaceful and useful relationship with another, the relationship with self has to come first..

on the top and bottom the two mandalas still merge into one.. this stands for the fact that all can be transformed and transcended if we are willing to do our inside job, and in the end and from a higher perspective we are all one always and whatever seemingly separates us here now on this earth plane is an illusion in the end.. love is always present and always working for us, even if sometimes the way is painful.. i have found that if i keep this in mind, it’s easier to at least find a peaceful and accepting outlook on difficult situations and use their lessons for my path in life and find my own inner peace with them at last..

when i started to draw this one, i was having unresolved conflicts within myself that i saw manifested outside of me but when i look back now on everything that has happened since then, i can see how much has been transformed and how much i was rewarded also by attracting many new and positive experiences and moments into my life.. inner work is not always easy and fun but it is always rewarding.. this i can honestly say after many years of trouble and transformation.. it has always been worth it and i’m ready and excited for whatever will be next because another thing that’s for sure is that this process never ends.. it only goes deeper and deeper..  🙂

this drawing is very personal and dear to me and i am happy to share a bit more of its meaning and my story behind it.. i hope you like it and please feel free to comment, like & share my work.. thank you in advance and enjoy the gallery!  🙂

many hugs & love,



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