making of: it’s your name across my heart written in ink (but this time i have an eraser)

hello dears  🙂

it’s time to share another making of with you.. this drawing is the only one i have finished this year so far.. i’m working on a few drawings simultaneously right now but i have set myself the goal to finish at least one more.. i got almost 3 months left to go!  😀

so this one was inspired by a very deep experience in my life that involved a lot of time, many feelings, a lot of inspiration and support and finally one of the most painful endings i have had to go through so far, this is also why i chose the long dramatic title.. i remember that it was intended to be a black and white drawing at first but in the end i saw the rainbow colors coming in.. now in retrospect i feel this symbolizes that no matter how much something hurts, there is always something new to follow.. no ending is absolute, it always also contains the seed of a new beginning and i feel this is what the coloring wanted to show me at the time: that amazing beautiful things are always available to me and waiting for me if i’m willing to let go of suffering and focus on them instead.. they are always there somewhere in the background, like the background colors in the drawing..  🙂

if you’re going through a painful experience, just remember that nothing is the end ever! many times things have a hidden purpose that we are not able to see at the time but that will be revealed at some point.. remember that no matter what, you always have you and your connection to your higher self and source/universe/god and you are strong enough to deal with this life..  🙂

keep going, keep moving forward even if slowly.. and now some impressions of the process and the final result.. i’d be very happy if you like/comment/share..  😀

have a wonderful day!  🙂

much love,


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