making of: athena

today i wanna share the making of my drawing ‘athena’.. i’ve started it in 2014 during my very creative time in Bratislava.. i love to start new drawings, and in that time i had so many ideas in my head that i just kept starting and starting but finishing a drawing is a whole different story for me.. šŸ˜€ so some of my creations are still peacefully sleeping inside my art drawer, waiting for me to finally continue with them.. ‘athena’ got finished some time in 2015 actually but – shame on me – i forgot to upload her! better late than never, i share now a few pictures of the creation process in the gallery below, as well as the finished piece..

one thing i love about art is that it can represent and symbolize so many things depending on the person looking at it.. but i still wanna share my vision here: ‘athena’ to me represents a spaceship, the biggest spaceship belonging to an alien civilization that is watching over planet earth, protecting it and assisting the ascension of humanity.. the drawing represents what the ship would look like when i look up into the stars and see it somewhere out there.. because my style is very symbolic, it’s a symbolic representation.. the patterns also contain a kind of time tunnel or portal into another dimension or vibrational frequency, where this alien civilization operates.. very psychedelic, i know, haha šŸ™‚
and the little cat you can see sleeping on my drawing table is my Frida.. šŸ˜€

if you wanna share with me what you see in the drawing, feel free to comment or write anytime.. now: pictures! enjoy! šŸ˜‰

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