finished + making of: vibes & distortions / the game of life..

hey everybody,

it’s time to present to you my latest drawing called ‘vibes & distortions / the game of life’.. i will also share with you all the in-progress-shots so you can watch how it was made (see gallery below).. 🙂

the drawing was created on an empty postcard and is one of my postcard covers.. as a medium i used only copic multiliners this time, no ciao markers.. i recently discovered that the multiliners also come in colors so i decided to try them out.. i used the colors black, olive, wine and sepia and i am very pleased with the result! the drawing is definitely not as bright and colorful as my usual style but i like the combination of the colors i chose, i feel they match very well.. also i tried to integrate the coloring into the patterns this time and not build the black ‘frame’ as i usually do, which i then color with the ciao’s.. i think i got very nice patterns and effects from it.. 🙂

many times i receive the name of my drawings during the process.. it is revealed to me while i work on it, it just comes into my head without me thinking about it.. but this time, i had to really meditate on it.. i was looking at the drawing, feeling into it.. and it felt like there are very harmonious patterns on one hand, but on the other hand they kind of get distorted by the shapes in the upper part.. and i felt like this is actually a nice analogy to life: we can have everything flowing nicely, working out well for us, we feel in balance and happy and suddenly life presents us with a kind of ‘distortion’ – some unexpected challenge or our feelings change, we might lose balance or feel unhappy for some reason.. but such ‘distortions’ or challenges usually are being thrown at us so that we can grow in our personality, as people.. and this is kind of the ‘game of life’, the way life works.. we learn and grow through challenge and this is why i decided to add it to the title.. 🙂

so much about the drawing.. i do hope you enjoy it and please, i encourage you to leave your comment and show your support by sharing my work (you can use the social buttons below)..

i thank you in advance.. 🙂

stay tuned for more and i wish you a wonderful day!

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