final details & one scared kittie..

worked on the final details of my current in-progress-drawing today.. i think i can manage to finish it in the next sitting.. i’m also already feeling into how it wants to be called.. there are a few options in my mind at the moment, all about getting burned or consumed by the sun or by the light.. the drawing reminds me of a certain episode in my life.. sometimes we get so consumed by emotions and feelings that they burn us and there is nothing we can do about it but live it.. but to feel is to be alive, no?

the drawing is a collaboration with artist Black the Colors by the way.. he gave it to me half done and i am now finishing it..

in other news: i found today an old bottle of soap bubbles and i was trying them out in my flat which caused a small panic to my cat Galilea.. she ran and was hiding under the sofa.. it was hilarious!! poor sweetie, scared by the few tiny bubbles.. :))
i have to share with you a pic of her scared face.. hehe..

stay tuned to see the end result of the drawing.. soon!

happy evening!

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