some music.. and inviting you to join like-minds..

helloo.. :))

i hope everyone is fine.. i just felt like sharing with you a track i am currently listening to a LOT.. :)) and also i would like to invite you to take a look at – the social network alternative to facebook.. i don’t want to write a whole lot about it because i think you can find the information for yourself and make up your own mind.. :))

in other, more unpleasant news: i found a petition by PETA which i signed – the organization currently exposed the making of hermes bags.. sickening and sometimes i cannot believe that such things and worse are still happening in this world on a daily basis.. please take action by signing as well.. right here..

sorry for this.. but it’s really important we raise our voice against such barbarities.. :*

that’s my update for today.. now enjoy the music!
smile & dance & love!! ;))


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