Transylvaliens Festival near Sibiu, Romania

hello everyone,

today i would like to invite you to join this year’s Transylvaliens Festival, happening from 9 – 12 of july 2015 in Ludos (near Sibiu) in beautiful Transylvania, Romania.. it will be the 2nd edition of an amazing gathering.. i was at the 1st edition last year and did my art workshop.. and i had the time of my life, met many beautiful and kind people, had great food prepared by people of the nearby village and of course 4 days of awesome music including some of my favorites like ATMA, Ancient Core, Lygos, Mawski, the Mimesis Crew, DJ Latam, DJane Roua etc etc.. unfortunately this year i will not be able to go because of many changes in my personal life and for sure i will miss it greatly.. so in case you have time, make sure to be there!! tickets are still available!

i will upload just a tiny glimpse of my pictures into this blog post.. i will show you more once i get the “events” section on my page done.. be patient with me please and enjoy this preview for now.. ;))

happy day full of love!!


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